About Us

So what is Ausphonic about? For us it has always been getting out there (wherever that is!) and playing for enjoyment, rather than trying to sound exactly like someone else. Seeking to capture what we enjoy about a song, what memories or feelings it conjures up and then conveying that to the listener. Usually we like to keep it simple. We're not a band in a box. But we are not averse to adding our mate, Boss RC50, who is loaded with plenty of beats and loops, to pump up the jam. 

Having performed at occasions ranging from dusty rodeos to corporate dinners, we don't slot ourselves in as a specialist duo for any one type of event or venue. We feel as much at ease in front of a business crowd as we do a private gathering. Besides performing, we are both seasoned MC's for large events including Woodford Folk Festival and Caloundra Music Festival, with proven experience in project and stage management. You may even find we can assist in running your next event!